“Enormous strengths as a writer… incredibly distinctive, original pieces. You have the talent to tap into eccentric, quirky, but completely credible characters, and to find a kind of elemental energy I don’t see anyone else doing” Caroline Hall, associate Director, Royal Court Theatre.

“Her play [Pig in a Poke, at the Royal Court]exudes theatrical self confidence …unforgettable”

Anne McFerrin, Times Educational Supplement

The writing has clarity and directness, as well as a poetry of language and allusiveness.” Anne Edyvean, BBC producer

“Julie is herself a wonderful writer, but she also has a very fine eye and is clear sighted, incisive and generous about other writers’ work. Julie is capable of in depth analysis and has run an number of workshops as well as being involved in story conferencing when working on series such as Crossroads and Down To Earth.”  Mel Kenyon,  Cassarotto Ramsay Literary Agency.


“Julie’s knowledge of craft and her understanding of how to make a project work mean that she is invaluable as a script editor. 


I know she passionately cares about making the script as good as it possibly can be and I trust her opinion completely.  Finding someone who is honest, understanding and with a laser like insight into how to improve a project, is incredibly rare – which is why Julie is a script editor I will always turn to.”

Nick Mudger , screenwriter

“Julie has been working officially as a script editor on my current project and previously on many others, as a great person to bounce ideas around with. Julie has a real knowledge of the format at structure/language of films, and an insistence on getting a character’s emotional journey ‘right’. She is hardworking, astute, never loses sight o the films direction and…just when you think you have it covered, she searches out a bunch of (sometimes obscure but always relevant) films to give you even more to talk about!

In short, Julie is a creative inspiration. She also has the unusual ability to be able to plant the seed of an idea, whilst allowing the wrier to remain in total control of the script. She is a joy to work with!”

Angela Pell, Writer of Snow Cake (Revolution Films 2006, with Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, Carrie Ann Moss)

 “We are professional script writers, and have written for tv shows broadcast in forty countries. We found Julie an absolute pleasure to work with on our feature script Gwaba Girls. She combines an extremely pleasant and writer friendly manner with a clear vision of how to improve scripts and incisive, constructive advice. With Julie’s help, our script developed to the point where Screen South selected it for their Los Angeles Trade Mission, and it has since won a Gold Remi at the Houston Film Festival, USA.

We would thoroughly recommend Julie Everton to anyone seeking a script editor.”

Dan and Nuria Wicksman, (Los Angeles)

Their credits are here.


“Thank you for your support with my screenplay dissertation  over the last few months. You helped me have a bit more humour about the whole process and this had the effect of making me feel like I was more able than I realised. Your teaching and advice has been absolutely invaluable.”

Louise Clement( MA Creative writing Screenplay dissertation student,  Brighton University )


‘The tutor was excellent: very knowledgeable and clearly speaking from a wide experience.” Dave Nwokedi, Novelist. ( Fitzgerald’s Wood pub. Jonathan Cape 2005)

” I thought Julie’s knowledge, handouts and enthusiasm were brilliant”.  Callie Taylor, novelist of 17 books

“Motivating, challenging, but also informal so that we were all comfortable discussing our work.” Sarah Barfoot, actor.

‘Very well structured course with well thought out, tried and tested materials and exercises, taught by an excellent teacher.” Helen Davitt, teacher.

“Julie really  helped me with my dyslexia and was very patient. I really love her enthusiasm.” Susie Maxwell Stuart.