How does it work?


Email me with a short note about what you will be submitting, and a little about your writing experience, either scripts or other. If there are specific issues you know you want me to address in a report, let me know in the email. I will follow this up with a short phone or skype call or email to clarify together your needs before you submit your work


  I’ll let you know as soon as I receive a copy of your work.

You might want help with developing an idea, or you might already have a first draft. I can work with you at any part of the project.

Al screenplay submissions should be in courier 12 point font, on A4.  Each page must be numbered.

I’ll let you know how to pay, and will acknowledge receipt of both email and payment as soon as I get them.  Please note that I won’t be able to read and write an initial report until I have received the fee.


I will provide detailed and constructive feedback on your work in a written report and will also return your screenplay or work to you, marked with my annotations.  The two documents are designed to complement each other, along with our discussion (see below).

Of course, each writer will have different strengths and areas that need work.  The report is a useful first step in getting constructive feedback and support on your work . The report looks at visual storytelling, character, structure in terms of story patterns, genre, scene, sequence and acts, dialogue and how you might develop subtext. Each report is usually somewhere around 10 pages and will focus in detail on the particular issues raised by your particular work

We will then have the opportunity to discuss each point and any other issues raised, during a face-to-face meeting.

I work on screenplays as I receive them, and will let you know at once where you are in the queue and when it’s most likely that I’ll begin work on your report I will keep you posted throughout the process,  to I can only give you a sense about how long you might wait – never too long!


  • Your short screenplay, your treatment or your feature script .  A screenplay should be between 90 and 140 but don’t worry too much – if it is more than 150, it will be an extra £10.00
  • A covering letter
  • A synopsis in terms of who you think your protagonist is, what is their main dramatic problem, where is it set, what main source of conflict or antagonism.


  •  A detailed and analytical written report, with feedback and advice on the script and on the covering letter and synopsis.
  • Your returned work, marked up with my comments and suggestions.
  • One face-to-face meeting or Skype call of up to four hours to give additional feedback and support. This can be talking through the written report in more detail, or focusing on particular areas.  You must be able to travel to Brighton for the meeting, and travel is at your own expense.  We will meet in central Brighton, very close to the station.
  • Up to three hours of additional feedback and support via telephone or email.  Please note that you would make the telephone calls.