fire in the woods

This weekend I was round a fire in the middle of a wood in Gloucestershire with a group of other women. There were wild boars and spiders in the wood, in the darkness . The moon was hazy. There was drumming, rattling, songs and stories, one sung in gaelic, one by a lady in her … Read more

wild unpredictable writer

I’ve become interested in yoga and dance, listening slowly to my fifty- three year old body. I feel that I have been writing from a thin, intellectual space for some time now, rather than trusting the slower process that comes from living in real time and real space. To write something meaningful and deepen connection … Read more

SWEAT Lynn Nottages’ award winning play was based on interviews with the community in Reading Pensylvania, whose livelihoods were devasted when the plant closed. The play is a an excoriating look at the lives of eight characters, and explores how under Bush, unionised workers who had worked their whole adult lives there, were shut out … Read more

Women screenwriters at the Oscars

There are many women who won Oscars in categories like Film Editing Animations, Short Films, and Documentary but here I just want to compile a list of women screenwriters who have won at the Oscars. In some ways, it’s an indication that women have been writing Oscar winning Screenplays since the 1930s, ( there are … Read more

writing for radio

I have been reading and thinking about radio plays, and came across the preface to this book of radio plays by Angela Carter. She talks about the visual nature of radio, and how it gives you opportunities to move to different worlds, with fairies or wolves as characters. The plays themselves are totally wild, imaginative … Read more

Adapting my story Breast Stroke

I have a coming of age story that I originally wrote as a twenty minute screenplay . I subsequently wrote it as a short story, and am now thinking of adapting it for radio. It is one of those shapeshifting ideas that keeps on niggling away at me. Why not write this in various forms, … Read more

Script editor, script reader, script consultants, writers’ group: What is right for you?

As a writer my work has benefitted from work with a script editor, a script consultant led writers’ group, a self selected writers group, and as a person working with other screenwriters, I have worked as a script reader, a script consultant and a teacher of screenwriting. If you’ve finished a short film course, have an idea, or a draft, or a commission, what is the best and most appropriate way to get feedback that will help you grow as a screenwriter for film, stage, or TV? Here is my understanding:

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TESTIMONIALS   “Every writer should have a Julie Everton. She has been an invaluable resource, working officially as a script editor on my current project and previously on many others, as a great person to bounce ideas around with. Julie has a real knowledge of the format at structure/language of films, and an insistence on … Read more