Stories from word games

I just found an exercise which yielded good results for me in writing stories. Combine three words as below and write a story containing all three. This exercise helps you think in a right brain way, laterally connecting disparate ideas. See what other threesomes you can conjur up! A female hell’s angel, going to Ikea, … Read more

Stunning Caryl Churchill plays at Royal Court – at 80 years old

Last night I went to see Caryl Churchill’s linked plays Glass.Kill.Bluebeard.Imp at the packed Royal Court Theatre. The plays were rich, formally inventive and evocative, but that’s what I expect from all her plays. As a whole, they riffed on myth and legends of violence, superstition, and female rage. Between the first three plays, a … Read more

Creative surprises

I have just finished eight weeks with 18 writers on my screenwriting course at the Depot Cinema in Lewes. This class was full of enthusiastic committed writers – some who had never written before, and I witnessed the real connection and support students offered each other at each stage of the writing of a ten … Read more

Mohsin Hamid and Toni Morrison on writing about goodness.

 Last night I attended an event at Brighton University, organised by Man Booker, in which the novelist Mohsin Hamid read from his book ‘Exit West’ and answered questions about this. The novel is a love story amidst the refugee crisis, painting a nuanced portrait of contemporary migration, from the horrors of Western hysteria to what … Read more

Script editor, script reader, script consultants, writers’ group: What is right for you?

As a writer my work has benefitted from work with a script editor, a script consultant led writers’ group, a self selected writers group, and as a person working with other screenwriters, I have worked as a script reader, a script consultant and a teacher of screenwriting. If you’ve finished a short film course, have an idea, or a draft, or a commission, what is the best and most appropriate way to get feedback that will help you grow as a screenwriter for film, stage, or TV? Here is my understanding:

Read moreScript editor, script reader, script consultants, writers’ group: What is right for you?