WOFFF 2019. “Confidence does not equal talent “

This Sunday, I attended a couple of sessions at the Women Over Fifty Film Festival (WOFFF) at Depot Cinema in Lewes . This festival is an inspirational challenge to a stereotype that the film makers’, screenwriters’ or actors’ creative visibility disappears at fifty; quite the reverse, this is when we hit our stride. What is … Read more

Stunning Caryl Churchill plays at Royal Court – at 80 years old

Last night I went to see Caryl Churchill’s linked plays Glass.Kill.Bluebeard.Imp at the packed Royal Court Theatre. The plays were rich, formally inventive and evocative, but that’s what I expect from all her plays. As a whole, they riffed on myth and legends of violence, superstition, and female rage. Between the first three plays, a … Read more


https://youtu.be/t7Uil_DFLV4 Lynn Nottages’ award winning play was based on interviews with the community in Reading Pensylvania, whose livelihoods were devasted when the plant closed. The play is a an excoriating look at the lives of eight characters, and explores how under Bush, unionised workers who had worked their whole adult lives there, were shut out … Read more

Mohsin Hamid and Toni Morrison on writing about goodness.

 Last night I attended an event at Brighton University, organised by Man Booker, in which the novelist Mohsin Hamid read from his book ‘Exit West’ and answered questions about this. The novel is a love story amidst the refugee crisis, painting a nuanced portrait of contemporary migration, from the horrors of Western hysteria to what … Read more

Journalism festival -Cambridge Analytica and Brexit

Last Saturday I went to the Byline Journalism festival 2018  – ‘The Spirit of 68’ near East Grinstead,  https://www.bylinefestival.com .  In an electrifying  session in the data dome  on surveillance and the deep state,  Observer investigative journalist Carole Cadwalladr,https://www.theguardian.com/profile/carolecadwalladr ,  talked about her investigation into Cambridge Analytica , how she exposed ways it influenced the outcome of … Read more

women screenwriters initiative

I was interested to read the following story on the women in film and television website In a recent report  by Dr Martha Leuzen,  •Women accounted for 11% of writers working on the top 250 films of 2017. This represents a decline of 2 percentage points from 2016 and from the figure achieved in 1998. … Read more