WOFFF 2019. “Confidence does not equal talent “

This Sunday, I attended a couple of sessions at the Women Over Fifty Film Festival (WOFFF) at Depot Cinema in Lewes . This festival is an inspirational challenge to a stereotype that the film makers’, screenwriters’ or actors’ creative visibility disappears at fifty; quite the reverse, this is when we hit our stride. What is … Read more

Creative surprises

I have just finished eight weeks with 18 writers on my screenwriting course at the Depot Cinema in Lewes. This class was full of enthusiastic committed writers – some who had never written before, and I witnessed the real connection and support students offered each other at each stage of the writing of a ten … Read more

Short films

  What makes a good short film?  Hit the ground running – the problem your chracter faces should be quickly established, Two or three main characters, one or two locations, a chronological narrative or three act structure in which a limited number of events are relayed. Some visual qualities, and a twist perhaps.  Character is … Read more

Script editor, script reader, script consultants, writers’ group: What is right for you?

As a writer my work has benefitted from work with a script editor, a script consultant led writers’ group, a self selected writers group, and as a person working with other screenwriters, I have worked as a script reader, a script consultant and a teacher of screenwriting. If you’ve finished a short film course, have an idea, or a draft, or a commission, what is the best and most appropriate way to get feedback that will help you grow as a screenwriter for film, stage, or TV? Here is my understanding:

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final draft 11

I just purchased the all new Final Draft 11, which is the professional formatting software for screenplays, and which came out on Wednesday. It cost me £115.00 but my last final draft, 7, which I bought around 10 years ago had died the death along with my old computer. I thought, well if I ever … Read more

Writing Story Concepts at London Screenwriters Festival

I just came back from a weekend at the London Screenwriters Festival.  One of the highlights for me was Scott Myers’ session  about story concepts. Scott Myers is a screenwriting teacher and guru from LA. He runs his own website and blog about 30 things about screenwriting, which aslo links through to loads of interesting … Read more

women screenwriters initiative

I was interested to read the following story on the women in film and television website In a recent report  by Dr Martha Leuzen,  •Women accounted for 11% of writers working on the top 250 films of 2017. This represents a decline of 2 percentage points from 2016 and from the figure achieved in 1998. … Read more