Panicale Writing Retreat

Panicale is a Tuscan villa and gorgeous brand new retreat house next to it, with shared patio, and swimming pool, in the middle of the Tuscan mountains in a quiet little village. Both of the houses have been renovated by Martin, an architect – see my gallery page for more pics Writing sessions and one … Read more

Stories from word games

I just found an exercise which yielded good results for me in writing stories. Combine three words as below and write a story containing all three. This exercise helps you think in a right brain way, laterally connecting disparate ideas. See what other threesomes you can conjur up! A female hell’s angel, going to Ikea, … Read more

Websites for Feature film treatments and more

Here are a few useful links to other sites that you might want to access to research films, and read screenplays such as the BFI, BAFTA, BBC Writersroom and Writers Guild. Every credit of films are available on imdb. I even have one as script editor on Estonian kid’s film ‘Ruudi’ I am way down … Read more

The spirit of Shakespeare today

I have been re reading my notes from a talk by Erica Whyman from the Royal Shakespeare Company. Here is a link to an interesting project that she talks about. She was asked ‘how is the spirit of Shakespeare alive in writing and theatre today?’ She cited ann immediate relationship with the audience, plays … Read more

Notes on Radio writing

black transistor radio in the middle of the field

Here are some notes I found today on writing for radio from a course run by Jessica Dromgoole What is the territory of the play? You don’t want to be told off by radio, better to think in a more open way about the central question you want to explore. What is the central narrative … Read more

Stunning Caryl Churchill plays at Royal Court – at 80 years old

Last night I went to see Caryl Churchill’s linked plays Glass.Kill.Bluebeard.Imp at the packed Royal Court Theatre. The plays were rich, formally inventive and evocative, but that’s what I expect from all her plays. As a whole, they riffed on myth and legends of violence, superstition, and female rage. Between the first three plays, a … Read more