Gender and inequality in theatre

There was a survey completed in 2013 which shows shocking inequalities between the opportunities and successes of women playwrights compared to men. I see the statistics as a call to arms, we as a diverse group of women theatre writers need to challenge the status quo as indicated below. in the 21st Century, inequality is still here but it is not good enough.

New productions of plays by women make up 31% of the total of all productions.

The length of run is 18 days for women compared to 26 for men

The Average theatre size for plays by women is 431 seats, compared to 536 seats for plays by men

The average ticket price is £22 for productions of plays by women, to £28 for those by men

Adaptations : 72% are written by men versus only 28% by women

Just 10% of theatres nationally were chaired by women

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