WOFFF 2019. “Confidence does not equal talent “

This Sunday, I attended a couple of sessions at the Women Over Fifty Film Festival (WOFFF) at Depot Cinema in Lewes . This festival is an inspirational challenge to a stereotype that the film makers’, screenwriters’ or actors’ creative visibility disappears at fifty; quite the reverse, this is when we hit our stride.

What is the relationship of voice to style? Funke Oyebanjo, a screenwriting lecturer and screenwriter was part of a panel of screen professionals. She suggested that style comes from the question why am I doing this story.? Voice is your perspective and approach.

What about the challenge of confidence?. Director and producer Thomasina Gibson said “if you don’t value what you have, what do you bring to the table?”

But the point which echoed most for me was Documentary maker Rohana Rose said ” Remember, confidence does not equal talent” We may lack confidence as women writers but that does not mean we lack talent.

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