Creative surprises

I have just finished eight weeks with 18 writers on my screenwriting course at the Depot Cinema in Lewes.

This class was full of enthusiastic committed writers – some who had never written before, and I witnessed the real connection and support students offered each other at each stage of the writing of a ten minute short film.

Each writer was invited to to develop an original premise, outline and first draft of this ten minute short, and in groups of four, students n stepped up to the challenge, took time to read each other’s work prior to each of three workshop feedback sessions so the the quality of the feedback they gave each other was both insightful and constructive

In a pitch session, the question was asked, why this, why you, why now, and I was moved and impressed at the way each story was deeply woven through the individual background of the writer in each case – from a script about dyslexia, a tale about the morality of a political tabloid journalist, a story of teenage pregnancy, to one about two women getting around the Gin Laws of the 18th century. Each voice unique. A focused creative effort from all.

I plan to run a screenwriters’ labs on other aspects of screenwriting at the Depot.

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