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radio plays

I have been reading and thinking about radio plays, and came across the preface to this book of radio plays by Angela Carter. She talks about the visual nature of radio, and how it gives you opportunities to move to different worlds, with fairies or wolves as characters. The plays themselves are totally wild, imaginative crazily laid out, exemplars of using voices and sounds to create complete and original worlds. She maid up her own way of laying out a radio play – its pretty impractical at times, but because of her inventiveness she somehow gets away with this. The title play, ‘Come Unto These Yellow Sands, is part documentary, part fairies telling the story of the painter Richard Dadd, who painted fairy paintings for Victorians, killed his father, and continued to paint, darker and darker fairy paintings, during his life long committal to an asylum. What would you do with a story like that??

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