Women screenwriters at the Oscars

There are many women who won Oscars in categories like Film Editing Animations, Short Films, and Documentary but here I just want to compile a list of women screenwriters who have won at the Oscars. In some ways, it’s an indication that women have been writing Oscar winning Screenplays since the 1930s, ( there are many more nominees). In another way there are glaring gaps of many years where no women won. Still, its kind of inspiring to see the validation given to women screenwriters over the decades. Who have you heard of here? And what has happened in the last twelve years that means that no women have won a writing Oscar during that time?

Best Adapted Screenplay

1932 Sarah Y Mason for Little Women

1942 Claudine West for Mrs Miniver

1985 Ruth Prawar Jhabvala for Room with a View

1992Ruth Prawar Jhabvala for Howard’s End

1993 Emma Thompson for Sense and Sensibility

2001 Fran Walsh and Philipp Boyens for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

2005 Diana Ossana for Brokeback Mountain

Best Original Screenplay

1929 Francis Marion for The Big House

1946 Muriel Box for The Seventh Veil

1955 Sonya Levien for Interrupted Melody

1978 Nancy Dowd for Coming Home

1985 Pamela Wallace for Witness

1989 Callie Khouri for Thelma and Louise

1991 Jane Campion for The Piano

2003 Sophia Coppola for Lost in Translation

2007 Diablo Cody for Juno

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