Adapting my story Breast Stroke

Breast Stroke

I have a coming of age story that I originally wrote as a twenty minute screenplay . I subsequently wrote it as a short story, and am now thinking of adapting it for radio. It is one of those shapeshifting ideas that keeps on niggling away at me. Why not write this in various forms, if only as a lesson in the specific requirements of the different media. The story partly takes part in a swimming pool, and one scene is underwater. This was always the dilemma of the original screenplay – filming underwater was expensive. In retrospect too, there were too many characters for a short screenplay and I have been considering how I might reduce to four instead of 6 on screen characters. Six is a lot for an audience to manage in a short – I know this from teaching how to write the short screenplay for over 15 years. I think technology has come on since then. I wrote it a a short story whilst on a creative writing course. Prose flattened it a bit – thinking about how to narrate it – is it close third, first person? Whose point of view?

However, characters meeting underwater is interesting on radio. The internal voice of protagonist might be something I develop for radio too, and also to take care still over number characters and scenes – not too many characters or acoustic environments. A radio adaptation of the story, for a 45 minute radio play is what I am currently writing – I hope this might open doors and be a rewarding creative experience!

Wish me luck!

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