final draft 11

 final draft 11
the all new final draft

I just purchased the all new Final Draft 11, which is the professional formatting software for screenplays, and which came out on Wednesday. It cost me £115.00 but my last final draft, 7, which I bought around 10 years ago had died the death along with my old computer. I thought, well if I ever intend to write any script I should fork out for this. When I was working collaboratively with Josie Melia on our play ‘The Bombing of the Grand Hotel’, we tried to collaborate via final draft and it was totally impossible.  At the London Screenwriters Festival, I went to a session  with Alejandro Seri, of the Final Draft team called Outlining, Collaboration and Production Breakdown who explained the new  collaboration tools and he convinced me that in future, if I collaborate again, it will be pretty easy. You can even collaborate with a group of writers. I hope its worth it – watch this space!


here is a review I found about final draft 11

Final Draft 11, Newest Version of World’s No. 1 Screenwriting Software Now Available

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