Journalism festival -Cambridge Analytica and Brexit

Last Saturday I went to the Byline Journalism festival 2018  – ‘The Spirit of 68’ near East Grinstead, .  In an electrifying  session in the data dome  on surveillance and the deep state,  Observer investigative journalist Carole Cadwalladr, ,  talked about her investigation into Cambridge Analytica , how she exposed ways it influenced the outcome of the Brexit Referendum.

” We are scratching the surface of what went on. Cambridge Analytic is not a normal company.  It is a military contractor, which took British Government money, from the Ministry of Defence, from the US state department, from Nato, and it deliberately used a military technology and aimed it at the British population but in a very sophisticated way. It had some of the most intelligent tech people using cutting edge neuroscience in ways that are just invisible to us. There is so much more to uncover.”

Will we get a referendum on the basis of these revelations?

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